Открытый семинар "Reversed empathy as an ethnological condition"

ЦСИПИ ПГНИУ приглашает на открытый семинар "Reversed empathy as an ethnological condition", который состоится 25 мая в 18.45 в аудитории 191 (19 корпус ПГНИУ, офис ЦСИПИ, 2 этаж).

Открытый семинар проведет Жислен Галенга, профессор Института этнологии Aix Marseille University. 
Empathy, in its generally accepted sense, may be considered relevant to ethnology mainly as it is useful in understanding the behaviour of the Other, and is thus an inherent and/or constituent aspect of fieldwork. It therefore follows that explicit consideration of empathy could feature more in anthropological academic literature. Yet it remains largely overlooked, even controversial, and it is often dismissed as a blanket term. Bearing in mind that the question of empathy should not be confused with those of immersion and participant observation, I wish to reconsider both the scientific validity of ethnological research as well as the methods of data production through the concept of reverse empathy – empathy from the actors’ points of view. By focusing on the informant rather than the ethnologist, reverse empathy offers a new perspective on fieldwork while addressing the issue of producing academic knowledge.

My talk will deal also with the subtle alchemy of fieldwork through the narration of one empirical fieldwork, related to an in-depth analysis of a social conflict at the Marseille Public Transport Authority (Régie de Transports de Marseille  - RTM). These fieldworks on the one hand shed light upon several reflexive subjects taken into account by reflexive anthropology such as the anthropologist/informant relationship, restitution, gender, research topic, anthropologist’s instrumentation… and on the other hand beginnings of solutions to questions about the scientific validity of ethnography and by resorting in particular to reversed empathy.
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