Public seminars

17th of March 2013 | Public seminars

Presentation by Matvey Lomonosov: Antique Studies in the Service of Nationalism

On the March 7th the CCHPS had a pleasure to host Matvey Lomonosov with his presentation Antique Studies in the Service of Nationalism: geography and scale of the indigenous Balkan people Studies in the Former Socialist Yugoslavian republics. How it is known, historical myths about ancient ancestors of a people are actively used in nationalist movements and routine practices during national identity formation. Under certain conditions historical, philological and archeological sciences start playing the role of “additional myths-generating disciplines”.
| Public seminars

Discussion on the Liberal Arts College Model

On April 20th during the 8th Assembly of Young Political Scientists in Perm, Center for Comparative History and Politics Studies organised a discussion on the liberal arts college model in Russia and beyond. The discussion was an initiative of the Center's research fellow Andrey Semenov who visited Bard College of New York State last summer, and Konstantin Kokarev from Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA).
the 23rd of May | Public seminars

Communist nomenklatura in comparative perspective: the nomenkatura’s change from within and the Soviet society’s evolution.

Prof. Viktor Mokhov on the 23rd of May within the framework of our open seminars discussed to the internal dynamics and change within the Soviet nomenklatura and its impact on the societal change. The ongoing debates over nomenklatura even nowadays do not provide scholars with clear answers to several questions: whether it was a unique Soviet phenomenon? What are the sources of the nomenklatura’s emergence? The presenter draws the attention to the generational dynamics of nomenklatura from the “party’s soldiers” to the “party’s traders” and the “agents of market”, the correspondence between the images from literature and reality.
the 27th of February 2013 | Public seminars

Presentation by Professor Igor K. Kiryanov on the Russian Duma MPs’ Dress-code in the beginning of the 20th century

On the 27th of February the Dean of the History and Political Science Department delivered a lecture on The MPs’ Dress-code in the first Russian Dumas Jacket in the Russian politics: the First Fitting. Russian parliamentarians of the early 20th century while being public figures and not public servants, were not obliged to wear service dress, thus, were to choose the outfit of their wish. Drawing upon the abundant photo materials of that period it seems possible to depict the dress-code of lawmakers and trace back the formation of their corporative thinking and identity.