Public seminars

the 14th of february 2014 | Public seminars

"Generation" as a Tool of Historical Interpretation

On the 14th of February an open methodological seminar "Generation" as a Tool of Historical Interpretation was carried out by Igor Narsky, professor of the South-Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), Director of The Center for Cultural and Historical Studies.
the 28th of January 2014 | Public seminars

Redefining the Moral Boundaries of the Sexualised Citizenship after the Collapse of the USSR

The first seminar of the academic year Redefining the Moral Boundaries of the Sexualised Citizenship after the Collapse of the USSR was carried out by Alexander Kondakov, the Assistant Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg; researcher at the Center for Independent Social Research.
the 20th of May 2013 | Public seminars

Presentation by Philipp Chapkovsky: Climbing Up the Friendship: the 'Loyalty vs Competence Dilemma' of Appointments

The 20th of May our Centre held one more presentation within the framework of the open public seminars with the guest speaker Phillipp Chapkovsky who is is currently the Ph.D. researcher at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy) and European University at Saint-Petersburg. This time we discussed the dilemma of any appointment be it the political sphere or private sector company, the infamous trade-off between loyalty and competence. Our presenter puts this dilemma into a new perspective in comparative political studies.
the 27th of April 2013 | Public seminars

Margarita Zavadskaya took part in the International workshop of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, Saint Petersburg

Margarita Zavadskaya, junior fellow at the CCHPS took part in the III International workshop of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg) from the 26th to 28th of April. The topic of the presentation: Protests under Non-Democratic Regimes: ‘Contingent’ Democrats Versus ‘Genuine’ Democrats. Exploring the Cross-National Variation at the Individual Level.
4th of April 2013 | Public seminars

Presentation: Preemnik (successor) as a mode of political turnover in contemporary world: norm or deviation?

The Centre for Comparative History and Political Studies is happy to share the materials from the open seminar that took place the 4th of April on a new theoretical approach to the phenomenon of political succession by Petr Panov. Professor Panov presented the preliminary results of the collaborative research project “The Institution of Preemnik: a model of power reproduction and perspectives of modernisation in contemporary world”.
14th of March 2013 | Public seminars

Professor Leibovitch: Social tensions in the Soviet hinterland: the case of Molotovskaya oblast’ (region of Molotov) in 1941 – 1945

The 14th of March our Centre hosted Professor Leibovitch as a keynote speaker with whom our guests discuss the intricate and complex relationships in the Soviet backstage during the World War II. The speaker defines social tensions as any latent conflict in a territorial community which is not able to transform into open constructive conflict (Coser). The reasons are the weakness of communication between people, the perceived anxiety due to expected problems in future, underdevelopment of language by which interests are expressed, the lack of space for dialogue.