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Constructing ethnic identity: two tales of local Siberian communities

The Centre for Comparative History and Political Studies hosted an open lecture by Natalia Galetkina on “The study of social identity: an example of local transmigratory communities”.
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Aleksei Titkov: A Science of Historical Electoral Geography

Is a science of historical electoral geography possible? What kind of challenges and constraints do political geographers deal with?On the 22th of May another regular open seminar was carried out by political geographer Dr. Aleksei Titkov.
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The City: History and Semiotics

Any City possesses its own semiotics. The Interest towards the City and the desire to cognizeits intellectual environment remainsunabated as time goes by. Facts, events, peopletransform into signs and meanings that unifyurban communities.
April, 5 | Public seminars

Open seminar “Mosque communities in Moscow”

On 5 April 2017, Rano Turaeva held a presentation about “Mosque communities in Moscow” at the Centre for Comparative History and Political Studies.
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Prof. NadezhdaBorisova on the Local Government Reform In The Perm Region: "To Be Continued…"

The Russian local government reform of 2000s has provided a valuable empirical material for the researchers community. Drawing upon the reform outcomesscholars seek to understand what guides the regional authorities in their policy choices?