Aleksei Titkov: A Science of Historical Electoral Geography

Is a science of historical electoral geography possible? What kind of challenges and constraints do political geographers deal with?On the 22th of May another regular open seminar was carried out by political geographer Dr. Aleksei Titkov.

Political geography – still being a geography–primarily focuses on geographic phenomena, byprovidingpolitical interpretations. During theopen lecturean empirically complicated case of the Russian pre-Revolution Duma elections has been offered for further discussion, more specifically the links between geographical location and configuration ofpolitical parties forces. One of the most difficult tasks for political geographerundertakinga historically-oriented study of geographical features in the Duma election authorities is to find reliable sources and apply correct zoning solution.

Dr. Aleksei Titkov – Ph.D. in Geography, MA in Sociology, Associate Professor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Professor of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.