Redefining the Moral Boundaries of the Sexualised Citizenship after the Collapse of the USSR

The first seminar of the academic year Redefining the Moral Boundaries  of the Sexualised Citizenship after the Collapse of the USSR was carried out by Alexander Kondakov, the Assistant Professor at the European University in St. Petersburg; researcher at the Center for Independent Social Research. The presentation was devoted to the analysis of the sexualized nationality on the basis of the characteristics of a heteronormative  citizenship in the USSR and Russia nowadays.  By using several levels of analysis, the author analyzes the implementtion of the normative rules that have been created by the market and the state bureaucracy and the way these rules are being re-interpreted in everyday life..

The rejection of homosexuality at the level of state bureacracy and, thus, the attempts to legalize this discrimination are being brought about the monopolization of public space and the policy of compulsive heteronormativity. All together it makes homosexuals to find a leeway within the established market mechanisms.