"Generation" as a Tool of Historical Interpretation

On the 14th of February an open methodological seminar "Generation" as a Tool of Historical Interpretation was carried out by Igor Narsky,  professor of the South-Ural State University (Chelyabinsk), Director of The Center for Cultural and Historical Studies.

The pivotal point of the discussion was a concept of generation as a historical argument, a possible interpretive model and a research problem in modern historical science. The concept of generation has been defined as a key point for the studies of historical memory and identity problems.

Generation is rather associated with self-identification, than with a demographic notion of cohort, i.e. people who were born in the same year. The term generation reflects a group of contemporaries who tend to align with a bright and large-scale event. Thus, the power of event gives the meaning to this generation and builds symbolic bonds between its contemporaries.