Made in the USSR: the City. An Open Lecture by Prof. Mikhail Timofeev

What is a Soviet city? Prof. Mikhail Timofeev, Ivanovo State University, delivered an open lecture on"the Soviet city" imagereconstructing study in modern commemorative practices. At the very beginning it has been noted that in order to grasp the gist of “the Soviet city” it is worth “forgetting the Soviet”, as the experience of living through the Soviet time renders an academic view difficult.With the aid of the system-semiotic analysis the lecturer has considered a few universal models of the "Soviet" field formation. i.e. the meaning and semantics of objects and practices associated with the Soviet concept or discoursein the examples of renamingcities, streets, monumentsetc.Another point for scholarly consideration is the question of symbolic resources, withholding a number of Russian cities under the Soviet symbolic space, as well as the currently implemented policy of desovietizationin several Russian regions.

Does “theSoviet city" exist after the collapse of the USSR? While answering this question, it is necessary to take into accountthat the signs of the "Soviet" do already exist in a somewhat different environment, and “the Soviet city"is primarily a city where the Soviet (communist) ideological discursive practices are being implemented or had been implemented at a certain period of time from 1917 to 1991 on the territory of the USSR/RSFSR.

Prof. Mikhail Timofeev - Professor, Department of Philosophy, Editor in chief of the Labyrinth journal.