New publications by CCHP's researchers

CCHP senior felow Andrei Semenov published on time-series analysis, Navalny's 2017-2018 campaign, political consequences of economic crisis, and a review on David Szakonyi's book "Politics for Profit: Business, Elections, and Policymaking in Russia" (CUP, 2020). Also, he discusses the Russian public opinion on climate change in CSIS comment and the upcoming parlimentary elections in the recent issue of Russian Analytical Digest.

The paper on the application of time-series analysis in politcal science is published in Politicheskaya Nauka journal and serves as an overview of a current debate on the applicabilty of dynamic models to political processes. The paper "Navalny’s Digital Dissidents" co-authored with Jan Matti Dollbaum (University of Bremen, Germany) introduces a new social media poll of supporters of Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny, conducted during his presidential campaign in 2017–2018. Borrowing items from nationally representative surveys, the paper presents respondents’ sociodemographics, political positions, and campaign experiences, differentiating between offline activists and online followers. Followng the January 2021 protests, Andrei explores its subnatinal variation in the analysis for Riddle. In the comment to Kennan Institute, he discusses the results of June 2020 on responsbility attribution for the economic crisis in Russia and extends the analysis in the PONARS memo. Finally, those interested in a snapshot of David Szakonyi's fasinating book on businesspersons' electoral participation in Russia can read Andrei's recap in Russian Review journal.