Margarita Zavadskaya

Curriculum Vitae




Postal Address

Badia Fiesolana,

Via dei Roccettini, 9

50014 San Domenico di Fiesole


191187, 3 Gagarinskaya St.

St. Petersburg


E-Mail Address

Phone No.

(+39) 349 677 1938

(+7) 981 751 7402


2011 – present

European University Institute (Florence, Italy)

Department of Sociology and Political Science

PhD Researcher


Advisor: Prof. Alexander Trechsel

2010 – 2011

European University at Saint-Petersburg

PhD Student


Advisor: Prof. Grigorii Golosov

2009 – 2010

European University at Saint-Petersburg (graduated with honors)

MA curriculum in Political Science and Sociology, graduated with honors

MA thesis: ‘Is Electoral Market Fair? Incumbency Advantage in Cross-temporal Perspective: case of the Russian State Duma 1995-2007’

Supervisor: Prof. Grigorii Golosov

2004 – 2009

Perm State University (graduated with honors)

Specialist curriculum (MA equivalent, five-year program)

Department of History and Political Science, Major in Political Management and Public Relations

Specialist Thesis: ‘Elections in the CEE Countries: Institutionalization Versus Deinstitutionalization’

Supervisor: Prof. Petr Panov

Academic Work Experience

2011 – present

Center for Comparative History and Political Studies, Perm State National Research University, Perm (Russia)

Junior Fellow

April 2011 – present

Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow – Saint-Petersburg

Associate Researcher

Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Saint-Petersburg

Teaching Assistant in Foreign Languages Department

2006 – 2009

Russian Political Science Association, Moscow – Saint-Petersburg

Regional Branches Coordinator

Participation in Research Project

Institutional Practices and Institutional Environment: Political Order Reproduction and Transformation in Contemporary Russia (conducted 2006 – 2009 within the framework of the RPSA Research Committee on Intuitionalism) – participation and authorship of the chapter in collective monograph.

Publications (selected)

2012a with Christian Welzel, ‘Values, Repression and Subversion: Incumbent Defeat in Competitive Autocracies’. Unpublished manuscript.
2012b ‘When Elections Get Out of Hand? Unintended Electoral Outcomes in the Competitive Authoritarian Regimes’, Politicheskaia Nauka [year], no. 3: 125–148 (in Russian).
2012c ‘The Russian State Duma Incumbents and ‘the Party of Power’: Symbiosis or Hostile Takeover,’ Politeia, forthcoming (in Russian).
2011a ‘Electoral Authoritarianism in Europe: the EU Enlargement and Incumbents Strategies during Elections’, Working Paper EC/01/2011. Center for European Studies at the European University at Saint-Petersburg: (in Russian).
2011b ‘Action Arenas: Russia in the European Context.’ In [editor] Grazhdane i politicheskiie praktiki v sovremennoi Rossii: vospozvodstvo i transformatsiia instutsional’nogo poriadka. Russian Political Encyclopedia (ROSSPEN). Moscow: Russian Political Science Association: 129–139 (in Russian).
2011c in collaboration with Simon Belokowsky, Yegor Lazarev, Matthew Tonkin ‘The Roots of Violence: The Effects of Insecure Land Tenure Property Rights in Afghanistan and the North Caucasus.’ The Stanford US-Russia Forum Journal 2 (2010–2011):–2011%20v2.pdf.

Conferences (selected)

2012a Co-Chair of the panel for Studies of Social and Political Institutions, 6th Russian Congress of Political Science, MGIMO, Moscow, November 2012.
2012b ‘How and When Values Translate into Political Protest under Non-Democratic Conditions? Establishing the Causal Direction’, 2nd Laboratory for Comparative Social Research Social Change in Cross-National Perspective, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia, November 2012.
2012c ‘Subversive Effects of Elections in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes: Repression and Social Spending’, 22nd IPSA Congress, Complutense, Madrid, Spain, July 2012.  
2011a ‘When Do Elections Support Autocracy? Repression, Values, and Authoritarian Persistence’, Multilevel Analysis in Comparative Studies, Laboratory for Comparative Social Studies of Ronald Inglehart, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, August 2011.
2011b ‘Elections and Autocracy: Discussing Approaches’, Seminar at the Aleksanteri Institut, University of Helsinki, Finland, May 2011.
2011c ‘The Roots of Violence: The Effects of Insecure Land Tenure Property Rights in Afghanistan and North Caucasus’, The Stanford US-Russia Forum, Stanford University, Palo Alto (CA), USA, April 2011.
2010 ‘The Impact of Elections on Political Legitimacy in Transitional Countries: CEE and Post-Soviet Space’, Elections, Public Opinion and Parties Annual Conference, University of Essex, Colchester, Great Britain, December 2010.

Internships and Summer Schools

2012a International Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social and Political Science (the course by Prof. J.-A. Cheibub (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) on 'Elections and Democracy'), University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway, July–August 2012.
2012b International Summer School on Structural Equations Models (SEM), Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 2012.
2011a International Summer School of Laboratory for Comparative Social Studies of Ronald Inglehart Multilevel Analysis in Comparative Studies, Higher School of Economics, Pushkin, Russia, August – September 2011.
2011b Visiting Scholar at Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, within the framework of the European University at Saint-Petersburg short-term exchange program, Helsinki, Finland, May 2012.
2011c Winter School Seminar for Excellence in Teaching. European University at Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, January 2011. 

Language and Computer Skills

Russian – native

English – fluent (C1+/C2)

French – fluent (C1, DALF)

Polish – intermediate (B2/C1)

Italian – intermediate (B2)

German – basic(A2)

Advanced user of different statistical software packages: STATA, SPSS, R, HLM, MPlus.