Irina Shevtsova

Irina K. Shevtsova

Candidate of Political Sciences

Senior Fellow, CCHPS, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Perm State University



Education and degree (s)


PhD in Political Science, Perm State University, Thesis “Phenomenon of compelled regionalism in contemporary Europe: case of Wallonia (Belgium)”

2006 – 2009

Post-graduate courses, Political Science Department, Perm State University


European University at Saint-Petersburg, MA curriculum in Political Science and Sociology

MA thesis: ‘Identity Policy of Local Elites: International Dimension (Case of Vyborg, Leningrad Region)’


Perm State University (graduated with honors), specialist curriculum (five-year programme)

Department of History and Political Science, Major in Political Management and Public Relations



Fellowships and training courses

 July 2017. 1st Annual IPSA - HSE Summer School. Concepts, Methods, and Techniques in Political Science (course «Qualitative Comparative Analysis»), Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg 

April – May 2016. Science Po, Bordeaux (Emile Durkheim Center)

September 2008. Leuven Catholic University, Faculty of Social Sciences


Work experience

September 2012 – up to present time

Senior Fellow, Center for Comparative Historical and Political Studies (Perm State University)

September 2006 – up to present time

Senior Lecturer, Political Science Department (Perm State University)


Courses taught

World Events Analysis

Politics and Governance in the European Union

Regional Political Communities in the European Union

Electoral Practices in Comparative Perspective

Politics in Asia – Pacific States

Political Management

Research experience/ Research projects

2018 - present “Mechanisms of interests coordination in the urban development processes” (with Sociological Institute of RAS, grant of Russian Scientific Foundation)

2018 – present “Politics and Public Goods Allocation on Local Level” (Russian Foundation of Basic Research)

2017 – present “Politics in Hard Times” (Russian Foundation of Basic Research)

2018 Project “Contemporary State of Municipal Government in 2010s in Russia: Collection and Primary Analysis of Data” (with European University at Saint-Petersburg)

2016 – 2018 Project “Towards Reflective Urban Planning: Shifting Paradigms of Participation and Effectiveness in Germany, Russia and Ukraine” (Volkswagen Foundation)

2015 – 2018 Jean Monnet Programme, Teaching Module “European Union Studies: Policy, Politics, Culture”

2011-2012 Jean Monnet Programme, project “Multiple Identities in EU: Institutional Challenge or Policy Resource?”

2007-2008   Project “Political Communities in Civic and Academic Prospective” (McArthur Foundation)


Peer-reviewed articles (selected)

Gilev A., Shevtsova I. “Down to the vertical of power”: elections and budget transfers allocation on the local level // Politeia (accepted for publication)  

Semenov A., Shevtsova I., Bederson V. Urban mobilization and urban development: strategic interactions between residents and developers in a conflict // The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology. 2018. № 3 (in Russian)

Shevtsova I., Bederson V. «Authorities’ point of view is to keep silent»: interaction of initiative groups and local authorities in the urban planning process // Political Science (RU). 2017. № 4. (in Russian)

Shevtsova I. «We will help local authorities – local authorities will help us»: patron-client relations in local politics // Perm State University Herald (Political Studies Series). 2017. № 1. PP. 116-133  (in Russian)

Gilev A., Semenov A., Shevtsova I. ‘Political machines’ and their drivers: electoral management on local level // Politeia. 2017. № 3 (86). PP. 62-80  (in Russian)

Shevtsova I. Identity policy in political agenda of European regions // Perm State University Herald (Political Studies Series). 2012. № 1. PP. 72-79  (in Russian)

Shevtsova I. Phenomena of compelled regionalism: case of Wallonia (Belgium) // Perm State University Herald (Political Studies Series). Vol. 2. 2009. (in Russian)

Shevtsova I. Ethnic parties in European regions as a tool of political communities’ construction and development// Perm State University Herald (Political Studies Series). 2007. № 2. PP. 75-80 (in Russian)


Edited volumes

Shevtsova I. Roofs and «krishi»: patron-client relations between business and local authorities (case of housing sphere) // When Institutions Don’t Work: History of Demanding Patron-Client Relations. Ed. A. Gilev et al.). (Work in progress)   

Semenov A., Shevtsova I. "Who governs on local level? Comparative analysis of mayors in Perm Region and Udmurtia Republic? // Regional Politics – 2016. Ed. by D. Orlov. M., GRIFON. 2017. PP. 259-273

Patron – client relation in history and contemporary reality. Handbook. [Translated from English]. Ed. by A. Gilev et al. M, ROSSPEN. 2016 (co-editor) 

Shevtsova I. Parties in regions as a tool of political communities’ construction in regional space // Communities as Political Phenomenon. Ed. By L. Fadeeva, P. Panov. M, ROSSPEN. 2009. PP.221-239  


Conferences, summer schools, workshops, panels (selected, last 5 years)

16 - 18 November 2018. Exhibition of The Academic Research Achievements (VDNKH – XII), European University at Saint-Petersburg

16 – 18 September 2018. «Eurasian Cities and Regions in Transformation: Space, Value, Power», Kiev

10-13 April, 2018. XIX April conference on economy and society, HSE, Saint-Petersburg

9-11 October 2017. Workshop, project “Shifting paradigms – Towards participatory and effective urban planning in Germany, Russia and Ukraine”, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig, Germany

17-18  November 2017. Exhibition of The Academic Research Achievements (VDNKH – XI), European University at Saint-Petersburg

3-10 April 2017. Summer school “Urban Planning and Urban Activism in Eastern Europe”, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

11-12 November 2016. Exhibition of The Academic Research Achievements (VDNKH-X), European University at Saint-Petersburg, Russia

25-26 November 2016. Russian Congress of Political Scientists. RANEPA, Moscow, Russia

20-22 November 2016. Workshop “Shifting paradigms – Towards participatory and effective urban planning in Germany, Russia and Ukraine”, RWTU, Aachen, Germany  

21 October 2016. Russian Congress of Sociologists, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

12-14 June 2016 First Annual Tartu Conference on Russian and Eastern European Studies, Tartu, Estonia

19-21 November 2015. VII Russian political scientist congress, Moscow State University of International Relations, Moscow

13-14 November 2015. Exhibition of The Academic Research Achievements (International Conference), European University at St.-Petersburg, Russia   

3-8th August 2015. ICCEES IX World Congress, Makuhari, Japan

19-20 June 2015. International Conference ‘The Not [so] Discrete Charm of Clientelism: Patron-Client Relations in Comparative Prospective’, Perm State University, Russia

28-29 May 2014. International round table “Regionalism in EU, Russia and Kazakhstan”, Almaty, Kazakhstan

7 – 8 December 2012. Exhibition of Scientific Economy Achievements (International Conference), European University of Saint-Petersburg, Russia

28-30 September 2013. International workshop “The Comparative method in history and social sciences”, Perm, Russia

19-20 April 2013. International conference “Russia and European Union: dynamic of interrelations”, Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, Russia