Выступления Йеско Шмоллера в Уфе

An invitation by Ufa State Petroleum Technological University allowed CCHPS senior researcher Jesko Schmoller to get to know the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan and to collect some new material from 15 to 30 December. For someone interested in Muslim religious culture, Ufa turned out to be an especially rich research environment. Ufa is naturally the location of the Central Spiritual Directorate of Russian Muslims and therefore at least officially the heart of Muslim culture in the country. It was a real surprise to find that also behind the facades, Islam was not only alive but thriving, believers possess deep knowledge of the faith and practice it in a variety of ways. Muslims in Ufa respect traditions way beyond the standard regulations and infused with life energy from Central Asia and the North Caucasus. A return to Ufa for research purposes during the year 2017 appears to be most reasonable. Mr Schmoller is much indebted to Stanislav Shkel, who kindly supported his research in the unfamiliar urban environment.

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