Состоятся открытые семинары от историков из Manchester Metropolitan University

ЦСИПИ посетить открытые семинары ЦСИПИ 22 и 23 мая, которые проведут коллеги из Manchester Metropolitan University.
22 мая в 18.45 Ethnicity and Nationalism: theory and history 

Лектор - Dr Brian McCook, Head of History, Politics & Philosophy Department ar MMU

With the post-89 western neo-liberal order in decline and ongoing fragmentation in global consensus, we are witnessing a stark rise of ethnic and racial identity politics across the world that contests once assumed settled, universally accepted understandings of community and belonging. Any notion of an ‘end of history’ has been discarded and we are left questioning what the future may hold. Our current tumultuous era reinforces -- yet also calls into question -- the importance of the nation state and national identity. For good or bad, a wide  range of movements have arisen within contemporary societies  emphasizing a fundamental difference between groups, challenging the ability to create  a pluralistic consensus. This paper examines the theoretical developments of ideas of ethnicity, race, and nationhood since the French Revolution, and questions whether universalistic concepts of the nation in the 21st century are now anachronistic
23 мая в 18.45, The Reception and Emergence of Fascism in France, 1919-1944  
Лектор - Dr Chris Millington, Senior Lecturer in Modern European History
This report examines French understandings of fascism between 1919 and 1944.  Firstly, I explore the reception of fascism in France: How did contemporaries perceive fascist movements in Italy, Germany and elsewhere in Europe?  What did they understand fascism to be?  What differences did they discern between fascism in different countries?  Secondly, I examine the emergence of fascism in France itself: How did political groups import fascist ideas and practices to French soil? What factors affected the success of fascist parties and leagues? Did a ‘French fascism’ exist – and does it exist today?
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