Tyumen, 4th – 9th of July, 2016

Organized by the ENERPO Program (European University at St. Petersburg) in collaboration with Tyumen State University

To apply please send your request and CV to

The program features workshops and lectures given by professors of the ENERPO Program of the European University at St. Petersburg (Nikita Lomagin, Irina Mironova, Jack Sharples, and Nina Pousenkova) and Tyumen State University (Elena Gladun and Marina Giltman).

To make the program more appealing to students, we include into it two days for excursions. On Tuesday, we will visit the “research and project institutes” of Russian companies present in Tyumen—Lukoil, Surgutneft, GazpromNeft, and Rosneft, as well as the city’s oil refinery. On Thursday, we will visit the premises of oil service companies, including Schlumberger and Baker Hughes, among others.

To make the school more ‘useful’, we include a number of paper / thesis writing workshops. We strongly encourage students to bring drafts of their current writings and/or research designs for seminar discussions. We will cross review each other’s’ theses and any other work in progress you may want to discuss: papers, opinion articles, ENERPO journal pieces, etc. This work will not be graded, so please think of it as a ‘retreat’ conceived to help you significantly improve your paper.

In order to allow some time to the reviewers to read your drafts, we ask you to send us your works no later than Friday, June 24. Please submit a chapter of your thesis, or a paper, or your research proposal (10-20 pages).

Costs: Tuition and accommodation are covered by the program. Tyumen State University offers its dormitory’s rooms for free. You would have to pay only for your travel expenses and board.

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