В журнале "Problems of Post-Communism" опубликована статья Эско Шмоллера

В журнале "Problems of Post-Communism" опубликована статья старшего научного сотрудника ЦСИПИ ПГНИУ Эско Шмоллера "Embodying Moral Superiority. The Master–Apprentice Relationship and National Cultural Heritage in Uzbekistan". 

This article describes an Uzbek culture of politeness that is being actively promoted in Uzbek society and through which the state can claim a moral superiority in the region and dissociate itself from the Soviet past. As an added advantage, the preservation of this cultural tradition fosters a social order in which submission to authority is an essential moral value. Contemporary role models are created by raising awareness of the lives of individuals of exceptional integrity from the past. The article is focused on one aspect of this cultural tradition: the relationship between ustoz (master) and shogird (apprentice), which has considerable influence on the structure of the professional branches as well as the work processes within them and is of special relevance in the state service.

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